9Apps Colorful Magic Live Wallpaper

Now it’s the time to make your life more colourful with a magical experience via Colourful Magic Live Wallpaper. There are thousands of collection of wallpapers. The wallpapers are highly attractive. On various topics they are available. The pictures are so colourful that it easily attracts the minds of the people around. Now design your phone with these wallpaper collections.HD graphics is used here. Great animation effects. Gives a brilliant outlook to your android smartphone. The app is basically developed for the android users. Totally a free application. Has more than four stars of rating across many app stores where it is available. Review is really appreciated. The wallpapers available here also live i.e it can move automatically on your screen. All the wallpapers available here are free of cost , you don’t need to pay a penny for any. Downloading and changing of wallpapers is easy and secure. The simplest way to download is via 9Apps for this we provide you with the link below. Continue reading

9Apps Underwater World Live Wallpaper

Underwater World Live wallpaper is an application for the android phones.  By this app you can give attractive look to your smartphone. The app is being highly taken by the users across the world. Great collection of underwater live wallpapers. The wallpapers found here are related to underwater world. Available wallpapers are live i.e. they can move. Some can move automatically whereas some respond after getting a touch on the screen by the user. Earlier battery drainage was a common issue with this application, but the problem is solved with recent updates. Rating has improved many a times than earlier. Now it has become one of the most appreciated wallpaper application in the 9Apps app store. Download process for both 9Apps and Underwater World Live wallpaper is given below. Continue reading

9Apps VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a beautifully designed application that allows you to make awesome videos regarding on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions by choosing the desired photos. The app is sufficient enough to replace the video editor you are using right now. Great graphics quality. Really easy to add many photos at a time. Time of Visibility of photos can be changed according to our wish. Each photo added for a video can be edited with desired captions. Themes of love and other themes can be added which gives awesome video edits. Awesome audios from files can be added to the videos we make via VivaVideo. You can also download audio as per your video theme. The app has reached great appreciation level till date. VivaVideo is available in 9Apps. Download becomes quite simple through the link we provide you at the bottom. Continue reading

9Apps Live Talk

The ongoing new trend which is popular nowadays among the cyberspace  civilians is of live videos. Apps such as Tik tok and Like app are the most used apps for making live videos and uploading it on the internet. 9apps has also brought a new app, 9Apps Live Talk, which, nonetheless, is  a survey platform in blog form. It helps the survey companies to understand how consumers think about different topics such as what happens when anyone chooses, buys or use a product or service as they want to know how the consumers think and why they make the decisions they make. Continue reading

9Apps Eyecon

Eyecon is a calling application. Besides calling it also gives you a good dialer interface . The app can search for unknown numbers and show you their location. You can understand spam numbers before you take the call. If the number appearing on your screen is a spam number marked by others, there appears a read colour. In this way you can avoid taking spam calls very easily. If you are not aware of your friends new number , nothing to worry your friend can not be fool you now. If you have a connectivity the name of your friend or something relatable is shown from which you can understand your known and unknown people. You can even block your desired contacts very easily. Eyecon is available in 9Apps for all android devices. Continue reading

9Apps FZ PIP Camera

FZ PIP Camera is basically a photo editing application. Now it is the time to give glorious looks to your photos. You can blur the backgrounds of your photos and give a glossy look your photos. It allows you to add wonderful frames and backgrounds to your photos. Sometimes you want to be in some places which are our dream places , for fulfilling those wishes now you don’t need to go there you can have a great experience of beautiful places from your phone using this app. Select your favourite background and add them to your photos. You can choose objects for example glass, water droplets and add photos of your inside it. The app has more than hundreds of frames to choose from. Quite easy user interface is available for this app. Mainly popular among the android users. Widely available in 9Apps. Continue reading

9apps Name Art Photo Editor

9Apps has been bringing interesting apps in the limelight recently. A new app, 9apps Name Art Photo Editor, is getting downloaded by large number of masses and is liked by them, too. 9Apps Name Art Photo Editor is an awesome app to show your creativity in name art. In name art, you can write your name on photo with unique font styles, add beautiful stickers or emojis, set a nice background, draw a nice pattern and many other such things which will make your name different and stylish. You may, then, set them as a profile picture on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more. Continue reading

9Apps Fly Real Simulator Airplane Games

9Apps has brought a new member in their house, a game known as 9apps Fly Real Simulator Airplane Games. The game is so made such that you may unleash your inner spirit of flying an air jet and feel like you are the ruler of the sky, by becoming the crazy pilot and flying your own commercial jet to reach the fixed location, and many other feature one may find in this 9apps Fly Real Simulator Airplane games. Its gameplay is that you have to fly your plane through all of the checkpoints and land it in your destination airport within the given limited time. The game is based on the simulation. Simulator game is a passionate, action packed and flying jet game. Continue reading

9Apps Kwai

Now it is the time to give surprises to your friends by making lovely videos in their birthdays,  anniversaries. Kwai is such an all which has the potentiality to replace the video maker you are using now. There are incredible features of this app store. You can give hundreds of effects to your photos and videos. You get a variety of themes for various occasions.  This app allows you to make videos, collage videos. You can write your favorite captions with the pictures. Not only these you can add your favorite music or even can download music from the web. The app gives you an easy interface to use. It is quite easy to export images in the app. Kwai is available in the 9Apps app store. Continue reading

9Apps Photo Projector

Now it is the time to think big and see big. Come out of your small phone screen and experience your photos and moments with others on big screen with the help of this photo projector app and have fun.. The app is available for all android devices. It can  be easily downloaded via 9Apps app store. Photo Projector allows you to see your moments on your surface. This app is for making fun with friends since it’s just a false projection of the pictures you select. It is quite simple to use. This application is mainly for the providing entertainment to the users. Continue reading